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Body of Earth & Belief Seas

(Hue)men believe themselves to possess thoughts and feelings. Thoughts and feelings are experiences. Beliefs about thoughts and experiences tend to create a stickiness, a temporary sense of binding glue for the perpetual principal of movement and transition. Stories are made tactile from beliefs in these ways. Stories as real as beliefs. Beliefs tend toward painting tints and bending perceptions in happenings. To sweep bodies clear of belief, to unmoor from thought and feeling, gives rise to conditions of sailing. To which the seas swell, tumult, edify, flow, fill, settle, and kiss many lands. The grip of believed location through reason purportedly found in causal relations as this-then-that, this-or-that, begin to lessen their hold. The psyche and physiology of a (hue)mens freed to tides of curiosity and wonder begin to rise tensile dexterity to sustain creating the next wave.

Body of earth

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