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BOUND BY WATER, 2013. The photographs in Bound By Water are medium-format film exposures exposures made from the Shikoku and Honshu islands and arranged in an interpretation of the constructed stories socially shared about Japan, proliferated through time, as memory.


During the Summer of 2013, Ehime University offered a study program with the College of Lake County in social psychology. A scholarship and personal fundraising realized this book containing photographs of ritual and historic sites, and the naturalized social and park spaces with medium-format film.


As an archipelago country, Japan is surrounded by what is considered in five-element traditions as a medium for change. To be bound by water, can be understood to be bound by change, or an idea of progress. The geographical position, relative to countries dominated by a Western world view, facilitates the perspective of Japan as an isolated area. The perception of isolation, or otherness, enacts an idealized stage for the idea of progress. Noted shifts in power, nuclear warfare and tsunamis become memorialized events creating memory of a perpetual pre/post-disater state, activating desires for change.

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