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CULTURAL EXPORTS, 2017- ongoing, archival digital print, sizes vary. The exposures use vernacular techniques to document fables and allegories in the ways cultures are traded as intellectual commodities. The photographs shown on the web are intentionally low resolution. For high resolution film scans or to arrange for a studio visit or exhibition, contact:


“Park” when Plato meets Costco




“Troubleweed” wild history of the LA River














“Eden, Eaten (abandoned core)”



“Nordic Gold”



“Frequency Grid (California)”


“Modern Mermaid”







“Revolving Door (pleasure no where)”


“Smash Hit (Tokyo Tower)”




“Suburban Teleportation”
“Extra Virgins (Italy Exotified by Norwegians)”



“Runaway Zucchini”























“Cat’s Meu (bottomless paper bag)”




“Mirage Theatres”



“Force de la résistance”
“Shadow Play (Parking Lots)”



“Sticky Histories”



“Un-led Lover Stays”
“Family, Performed (Getty Villa)”
“Enlightenment (Tungtvann i Rjukan)”










“Illinois (buried and uncovered)”
error: Contact artist for permissions.