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 “We photograph things in order to drive them out of our minds.”

-Franz Kafta


EQUATION, 2014, Photographic Print(s), Edition of 2. An arrangement of framed images as material evidence of a philosophical theory: comparison simultaneously centralizes topical similarities while decentralizing a set; acceptance of differences strengthens the group, the reference remains visually unknown, and authored by the maker of the image. The exposures were made in 2012 and composed as a work during an independent study supervised by Annetta Kapon: Rationality and Irrationality in Culver City, California. A relating text: How to Do Things With Words; Reviewed Work: The William James Lectures by J. L. Austin, J. O. Urmson, Alan R. White, Analysis, Vol. 23, Supplement 1 (Jan., 1963), pp. 58-64 (7 pages), Published By: Oxford University Press.




Equality, as a concept, forms methods of denial. Equality and freedom are deployed as propaganda. Propagandas create myths, at their core having some truth and often woven into the fabric of social realities.


Each photograph referred to the same materials during the initial epistemological encounter of viewing, and then framing and exposing the pavement, cloth, and tar on 35mm film. The images were scanned and arranged. 


Upon researching, including conversations with professors and colleagues, family, friends and the workers, the patchwork was determined to demarcate sub terrain utility work: band-aids from access to underground structures moving the resources necessary for modern life: water, waste, electricity. 


In Logos: math, computing, Christianity, I() system serves as logic upon which the belief of the basis of all that is (is, a word for reality, or realisation). The very notion, of 1 or i and () or 0, are the demanded basis upon all else. The visual look, course of action, start and end wrapped up within itself as a sort of Klein bottle of the soul. Within this logic-based system, the Telos comes wrapped within the logic posited by a gnostic worldview. This worldview has a history of seeking forms of hierarchy and levels of control performed through ritual, smoke, mirror, socially accepted violence. The behavior of no one stopping cruel behavior when they see it happening, but rather standing by as witness, or of silencing voices based on hubris, performs the hypocrisy of the belief of humans as god.


In making this work, the ideas in question were drawn from popular beliefs about the way the world works. The colloquial use of knowledge or wisdom often refers to what is or must be based on a set of factors deemed logical. The logic often denying the spontaneity at which life drives seek to continue. The knowing or imminent belief in the finality of life becomes performed as a self-fulfilling prophecy. The cruelty or rudimentary behavior of people, another self-fulfilling prophecy in denial of the errant beauty of difference inherent in life.


The “Means to an End” or the things that must be done contain within them a wealth of insight as to notions about the way life goes, and the errors in logic hubris can cause. Therefore, the great labor to try to see clearly with the knowledge of the past is performed through this photographic proof of epistemological study.  


In other words, those whose function is based on a means to an end may claim logic through actions and choices, and the fatal conceit in this mode of working can perform as a form of denial of the reactionary consequence of those actions and choices. Through unconscious deployments of axioms, the technocratic age requires a denial of etheric realms and value hierarchy of axioms based on ancient mythology.


To create a healthy technocratic, aquarian epoch, the systems ostensibly must remain open and dynamic. Therefore society and body structures imposed these demands not because of the technology, but because of the logic preceding the innovation of the technology.  


In the Rationality and Irrationality study, the perception of human supremacy regarding principles in nature is evident more so in the stories people repeat psychological self-flagellation and myths about the demise of the earth, than in the perpetuity of life itself. Actions born out of assumptions tend to result in trauma. A belief in a level of control over life that does not exist, insofar as the standard for chaos remains the observable constant.  


When dynamic earthly events transpire, they are called natural disasters, denying the understanding humans claim to have: our bodies and organ systems are in concert with all of life. Therefore the intuitive senses of proprioception, chronoception, and subtle energy can provide insight and clarity into the potential dangers that can be avoided.


The greatest thing that could go wrong is the subconscious could play out as unattended manifested energy in real time. And the question about humans remains: Do they think they are god? or were they taught this belief as an innocent or intentional means from a source of knowledge humans believe they are inventing, but had received messages from various layers of energetic density. 


“I do not know” implies no choice. “To know” performs choice. And in the way humans can move through the world, the ethos within the knowing served a key motivator into my personal drive to understand Rationality and Irrationality, and what humans do to support life, feigns to support life while destroying it, or outright destroy.


Logos and logic are not the same, and care should be exercised in conflating the two. Logos and logic serve as pivot points in thinking. The constricting feeling of solely-logic based reasoning tends to be subjectively universal, is not an accident. This mode of thought-form has a sensory experience akin to entrapment, enslavement, double binding, or in other words-creating insanity out of otherwise sane people.


For me, the more interesting part about looking at the notions of Logos and Logic, Rationality and Irrationality, is the cynical sense of humour expressed through folly. This kind of humor, laughs so as not to cry, when the weeping might be more productive to the organ/nature systems of life.


The labor and efforts contributing towards conditions of living worked for have built into them their own termination. Post-modernity was built into the foundations of modernity, as strong movements do. Gentle low wave movements have a different kind of formative agency.


The underlying differences between humans, nature, technology, have also a shared space in the eventuality of decomposition, death, or black hole isolation (for example stars or space garbage). Endings seem to be built right into the way things seem to be.


Forced dichotomies, such as the ideas technology and nature are at odds, or humans are against nature, have roots in stories, myths, or lies. All that was, is, and will be in their varying forms, are governed by the laws and principles described as “nature”, regardless of how well humans understand those laws. 


My hunt for visual evidence to be read for the underlying dynamics continues, though guided by resonance and water, since the fluid is the basis of all the matters of the body. To extract reference points, Equations performs as a type of other worldly band-aid.  The intercontextuality drawing below was part of my graduate art work during 2014.

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