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“The only war that matters is the war against the imagination. All other wars are subsumed in it.” -Diane di Prima, Pieces of a Song


Humans perceive a small portion of the electromagnetic spectrum and perceive more by developing Parietal sensory brain functions. Relentless pursuits of omnipotence are confronted by the intelligence of the Igloo as a concept. Resilience born through accepting conditions informs a developed awareness of the costs imposed by brutal forces of nature and that which is symbolically arranged to reflect upon the human origins of the obliteration of matter. Blown glass ammunition is arranged in a shape evocative of an Igloo. Viewers see fragmented reflections of themselves in the blown-glass bullets. The Igloo contains an oculus or a round, eye-like opening such as the apex of a dome. The inward pointing, represented ballistic materials spiral in currents creating a focus on the body encapsulated by the Igloo. The material version of the installation is hung mimicking the hovering and spacial aspects of virtual reality engaging viewers in notions of safety, arms, survival, tragedy, beauty, and celestial conflict through formal and experiential means. Additionally, VR exhibition formats are available in sites the original, material installation concept cannot be realised.


The work is the first collaboration between artists: AmmanAlvic; Collect the NFT on Open Sea.


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