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“People are responsible for what they do unless they are insane.” Jenny Holzer via X


Be not afraid of dark places. Dive into work with your body. The condition of your mind, constitutes the conditions in your body. The condition of your body constitutes the conditions of in your mind. For all of it is connected to life, and in the dark meditation you can guide the connections within your conscious and subconscious mind. Special thanks to PRAKSIS OSLO, SEAS and NRK, Norway. All photographs, all rights reserved. Contact for usage rights and permissions.


SOMA (n.) name of an intoxicant used in ancient Vedic ritual, prepared from the juice of some East Indian plant, 1785, from Sanskrit soma, from PIE *seu- “juice,” from root *seue- (2) “to take liquid” (see sup (v.2)). In “Brave New World” (1932), the name of a state-dispensed narcotic producing euphoria and hallucination.  SOMATIC (adj.)”pertaining to the body” (as distinct from the soul, spirit, or mind), 1775, from French somatique and directly from Greek somatikos “of the body,” from soma (genitive somatos) “the body” (see somato-).


Bora, 2019, 04:49 minutes, single channel video, a techologised colour spectrum forest with music evocative of commerce videos. Within critiques of contemporary media can curiosity and sincerity in the natural world be invigorated or transferred through digital media? In which aspects of perception does visual phenomena transform to inspiration or cynicism? Can the spectrum of colour and the knowledge of magenta cast being of the mind, revert the mental aspect of the image of natural phenomena closer to the idea or does a spectral perception perceived as a distorion by a human become hyperreal and further from the real? The video is part of Virtual Material series, intended for exhibition adjacent to Ultraviolet Forest. This video and those found on this website are included in the Videokunstarkivet, in Oslo, Norway.  Special thanks to Atelier Nord. Contact: to arrange for exhibitions or screenings of the film. (The video here is presented at low-resolution).


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