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SOMME, film photography, 2019, sizes variable. Somme, is a place in France of a historic, gruesome battle. The conflict is noted for unnamed victors. The space of indeterminacy opens the viewer to beliefs ascribed as natural. Within the nature, where are can notions of ‘winning’ be found? The photographs visualise a spectrum of feeling through landscape forms. By attuning my senses to an ontological memory, I allowed my instinct to be guided to through forest scenes to depict the transformative dynamics of life. The visual metaphors coincided with histories I felt within my body. In a hypnogogic state, the elements within nature invited attention to the appearance of conflicts as vivid image impressions. Beauty and brutality, finite and unrelenting, pain and reprieve, memories are represented as chromatic windows to relentless changes in the ways life, seasons, and societies, grow and fall. The self-organizing quality of nature is brought into focus, inviting viewers to embrace plurality.



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