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TBK UTSTILLINGEN, 2021, including the works: The Midwest, aquarelle, Y-Blokka, sculpture, on Exhibition through Trondheim Kunstforening this summer. Artworks exhibited are no longer for sale. Information on the Trøndelag Bildene Kustneres
26 June – 08 August
Thursday kl. 12 – 18
Friday kl. 10 -16
Sat/Sun kl. 12 – 16
14 August – 22 August
Monday – Sunday kl. 12 – 18
28 August – 04 September
Monday – Friday kl. 14 – 19
Sat/Sun kl. 11 – 16
Aquarelle, painting, made during Kjerringøy Land Art residency, guided by Sami-Norwegian painter, Gerd Grimsø. The memory of Colorado and Illinois landscapes merge with new impressions of Nevelsfjord through abstraction.
Y-Blokka, sculpture, formed from single olive oil soap from Paris, based on the protests to keep the Y-Blokken, Akersgata 44, 0180 Oslo, from demolition. The protest had public momentum but no effect in saving Oslo’s cityplan changes to raze the building. The idea for the soap sculpture is the relationship to the Y-form and the impermanent qualities it has in both genetics and light. The bond between X and Y is dissolved in water, just as the soap will eventually become lesser and lesser when exposed to water. Yttrium and additional elemental qualities are connected to the Y-form. “The structure, the making and demolition, when brought into light with the human relationship with environment seemed evident to me, but wasn’t something people seemed willing to come to terms with. Perhaps only in the intimate moments of grief, do humans reflect on the memory of what their actions cause.” -Rachel W. Visit this website for complete information: Contact:
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