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We call this science

To see by way of isolation, singularity and comparison is inconclusive and shifting. We call this science.

Higher frequencies make shorter wavelengths
and, are more intense.
radiation in the ultraviolet spectrum
visible only by sufficient charges.
the human eyes peak at green
with low ability in the violet spectrum –

charged particles through a dielectric
greater than the phase velocity of light
a theory within the framework of special relativity
produced in the 50s after 1800s theoretical prediction –

in a vacuum the speed of light is universal
speed light propagates significantly less in material.
matter accelerates beyond during nuclear reaction
photonic crystal radiation in a backwards direction
a more complex periodic medium.

charged particles disrupt local electromagnetic fields in its medium
slow travel relaxes disturbance to mechanical equilibrium
fast travel makes a shockwave
coherent sonic boom
supersonic analogy propagates at the speed of sound
forming a shock front.

reverse the refractive index seen as the factor
by which the speed and wavelength of radiation
reduced with respect
to their vacuum values

invented a name index of refraction
by the name of Thomas Young in 1807
at once he changed the value of refractive power to a single number –
instead of a ration of two numbers,
Hauksbee called it the ratio of refraction
wrote it as a ratio with a fixed numerator,
Hutton called it a ration with a fixed denominator,
Newton called it the proportion of the sines of incidence and refraction
wrote it as a ratio of two numbers.

magnetic fields create disturbance proportional to susceptibility
electromagnetic fields oscillate in a wave
charges shaken at the same frequency
dispersion causes prisms
the focal length of lenses to be wavelength dependent.

chromatic aberration
corrected for in image systems,
the imaginary part of the complex index of refraction,
sometimes called the extinction coefficient
sometimes called the mass attenuation coefficient.

optical path length
the light followed through systems
of the medium through which it propagates –

light rays characterized as curves
that optimize the optical path length,
atmospheric refractivity expressed,
molar refractivity a measure
of the polarizability of mole ¬-

mole is a unit of measure
expressing amounts of chemical substance
birefringence occurs in optically anisotropic materials –
anisotropic, a property of directional dependency
and is defined by difference,
isotropy a property of identicality in all directions
like wood, easier to split along the grain than against.

crystals with asymmetric structure
plastics under mechanical stress
cosmic background radiation
is electromagnetic radiation from the sky
with no discernible source.

from an epoch when the Universe became transparent
for the first time to radiation
the discovery and observation of properties
of cosmic background radiation confirming the big bang.

hot dark matter of particles that travel
with ultra-relativistic velocities,
neutrinos by weak interaction and gravity
are difficult to detect,
dark matter is not detected by electromagnetic radiation
and hence is dark.

strong electric field, high intensity,
a laser may cause a mediums refractive index to vary
as light passes through
giving rise to nonlinear optics.

the optical Kerr effect
an index varied quadratically,
causing phenomena such as self-focusing,
self-phase modulation,
and modulation instability.

ultrashort pulses of light
traveling in a medium
induces the optical Kerr effect
the electric field due to the light itself.

double negative metamaterials
left handed media and backward wave media,
single negative metamaterials
negative relative permittivity or permeability,
electromagnetic bandgap metamaterials
controlling light propagation
with photonic crystals or left-handed materials,
photonic crystals prohibit light propagation
tunable metamaterials derive properties
from bandgap characteristics.

magnetic field induces electrical polarization
asN magnetoelectric coupling
bi-isotropic media are also anisotropic, or codependent.

an umbrella organization initiated at Duke University
researches metamaterials, under the name Novel Electromagnetic Materials.

the Virtual Institute for Artificial Electromagnetic Materials and Metamaterials
an international association
promoting artificial electromagnetic materials and metamaterials.

artificial dielectrics, fabricated materials in orderly arrangement
first conceptualized, constructed, deployed for interaction in the 40s and 50s.

conclusive theories pertaining to future relevancies
produce shockwaves in future, create metamaterials, which propagate at the speed of themselves.

an ability to perceive ultraviolet spectrum perception
some children and young adults can see
to wavelengths of 310nm
people with aphasia can sense UV wavelengths
without treatment, the lenses of the eye become farsighted,
Claude Monet`s cataract surgery
may have affected the colors he perceived.

Research, notes, organization. 21.01.2015

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