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Isen, film photography to digitised and looped gif, 2015. Isen, from old languages meaning vigorous, strong instrument, or holy metal. The direct positive film exposure of coastal waters rising and repeating appear as ice on screen, looping. The GIF is a Daoist understanding of the way power dynamics playout on illuminated screens. Climate change has been in the news since before I was born including forecasts for ice ages and cataclysmic end of the world stories. During my lifetime the story has been focused on icemelt, heating, and intensified weather patterns. In my interest in finding errors in human perception, logic, and studying nature for its cues about reality, I wondered if I could use visible material today to understand the natural forces that exist. I used medium format film, scanned it, and used the negative impression of the scan to depict forms visible at a beach. The forms presented could really be any beach, and in the inverted negative visual appearance, a scene in the arctic. Though the photographs were made in Half Moon Bay, California, inverting the values of the waves flowing in and out, show the tidal ebbs and flows of water along the cost. The artwork is part of a larger body of worked titled Virtual Material which includes, images, gifs, and videos.





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