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Platonic Forms, 2009-2020, multi-media (pigments, gouache, fibers/canvas, photography, markers). All works have been collected. To commission artwork or plan an exhibition:  When it comes to what I make to contend with understanding the meaning of the constructed and technocratic world, I press inward to find congruence in form, thought, feeling, sediment and imagination. Free meaning reveals the inner divinity of meaning as made-up. Still seeking to understand what is objectively good and true, I turned to form. Forms are true because they are real whether or not we think about them. 

Stones12.5 W x 17.5 H x 0 D in, Canvas collaged with 10 years aged black bean, beet, blueberry pigments. Faded by sun, cut canvas was arranged and held together by fabric glue. A one of a kind work on the feminine story of Plato’s cave, through the use of irregularity, shapes, and time. The work has been collected. 

Analogue Records, 7 W x 7 H x 0 D in, The collage was made of reformed analogue photography prints. Archival ink pen details add texture to the edges. The glue substrate holding the work together is backed by paper. The work has been collected.


Platonic Forms, Kobalt Stones, 2022, egg yolk, kobalt pigment, linen. Kobalt is a mineral mined from the earth and used in technological devices, often described as the blood diamonds of the technocratic times due to the inhumane work environment. The cost to both life and the earth for the sake of technology, and the one step at a time simplicity of the forms performs as a symbolic garden of grief. The platonic forms are painted with egg yolk, preservative, and Kobalt from Blåfargeværket in Telemark, Norway. The individual pieces are to be mounted and arranged together in a formation as a whole. The work has been collected.





















































Gouache Paintings, 2019, made at Angelot, Jura Mountain foothills, during The Trélex Residency. All paintings have been collected, save for a few sets gouache transfer sets not for sale. The gouache transfers were painted on washi paper on black, archival paper. 1/2 of the paintings were made from a photograph of water, and 1/2 of the paintings were made from the memory of the vision. Viewers reported noticing the difference. To commission paintings or discuss the project:





Forms in Colors, 2006 – ongoing, acyrlic paintings. The paintings have been sold or collected. Commissions: The featured painting was made to conjure joy. The abstractions came from visions of bodies roaming mountains and forests, dancing by fires along bodies of water in celebration of the Dionysian. All paintings have been collected.


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