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Stop Bath, 2017, single channel video, original soundtrack, part of the Virtual Material body of work. The video looks at Lacan’s concepts of flickering and screen memories. Using nature elements to construct an allegorical narrative in a digitally cast coloured vision, Stop Bath experiments with the ways flickering light subliminally works with the emotional body to create joy. Exhibited during Oslo Art & Fashion Festival (2017), Audioglimt in Kunsthus Wrap in Bergen(2022). This video and those found on this website are in the Videokunstarkivet, in Oslo, Norway. Contact: to arrange for exhibitions or screenings of the film.


From the Audioglimt concert 25.11.2022.

Film: Stop Bath by Mari Amman (2017)

Music: Bodil Lunde Rørtveit & Berit Opheim

The film is part of Amman’s Virtual Material body of work. It looks at Lacan’s concepts of flickering and screen memories, and the structures of narrative through the elements of nature and a digitally cast coloured vision.

Artist Mari Amman (b. 1984) creates sublime timescapes proliferating beauty through public installations, images (photography, video), textiles, and sculptures. Seeing the body as the generative force in cognition, her meditative works engage in allegory and eros. She brings forth her sensitivities through art as a means to root poetic and geologically rooted stories. Tradition and Lineage guide her values and aesthetic choices.


Bodil Rørtveit is a vocal artist and has a background in both classical, folk music, world music and jazz. She creates her own musical concepts, and is deeply inspired, fascinated and absorbed by nature.


Berit Opheim was involved in this project, and that’s how they found out that they love to sing together. Berit Opheim is from Voss, and is one of Vestlands’s leading folk singers, known for her concentrated delivery, scenic calm and deep, warm voice. Berit is a fabulous musical mediator and tours all over the country with many different projects.


Audioglimt invites artists from various musical backgrounds and genres to create their own soundtrack which can be performed live to a given film. It’s a challenge to do this, but the invitation has been taken up by many of Bergens most respected musicians, resulting in a unique series of intimate concerts that surprise, entertain and inspire! As a concept, Audioglimt focuses on the art of creating music for film, rather than on exploring particular genres of film or music. Until now, artists have chosen their own films, and these events have spanned everything from percussive jazz set to highlights from 80’s NRK, minimalistic noise music set to a sureal edit of Norwegian block-buster, Bølgen, sensitive but contrast-filled soundscapes set to Apollo 17’s trip to the moon, atmospheric drone music to Werner Hertzog’s Cave of Forgotten Dreams, and new traditional Andean music set to a political documentary.


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