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Suspended Planes (page first published 19 Jan 2015, updated 5 August 2023)

TEKS Installation scheduled for 2024/2025

Culver City, California, Installation, 2015, Configurations 1.0 – 4.0



1.0 Twine, nail, clamp, gold, and black gloss paint, two panels of acrylic 40.64 x 40.64cm

2.0 Same as above with projected light

3.0 Same as above with projected video

4.0 Same as above with projected video

Two square planes, one clear and one glossy black paint, suspended by tension from which nails affix twine to the wall. Painted gold clamps grasp each corner, as twine slips through, a projection of hands touching themselves as light passes onto, through, and around the planes as a meditation on words written by Kafka, “We photograph things in order to drive them out of our minds. 


The work expands the nature of the photographic image into a physically experienced, dimensional space. Centralizing an illuminated and flickering corner with double planes of plexi, emphasize the hovering and pointing qualities of image-making, and sensual experiences of an image. In a single-reflex system, such a quote appears articulated from observable reality, as each configuration assigning a new variable, shows the limits of such a system. Viewers are able to physically navigate this single-reflex system, with the aim to point to multiple systems of their bodies to enable and dismantle a singular-reflex system. The final configuration 4,0 leads to a direct experience of the single-reflex planes’ obfuscation of bodily projection.




















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